About us


AZZPADZ is the self-preservation creation of Jason Schuler and Neil James; azz-impact survivors!
The creators of AZZPADZ learned to snowboard with a group of 8 friends during a 2 day trip. The Five of them were in dire need of protection while the other 3 would come to join their group as the season progressed. They were advised to wear old hockey pants or stuff a pillow down the backs of their pants. Snowboarding can be very unforgiving to beginners, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Jason Schuler and Neil James both thought, that this was ridiculous, so they looked around for suitable protection and found nothing! Further searches via the Internet provided them with several companies in the U.S. marketing “tailbone protection pants”, all of which offered “foam only” protection. Neither one of them thought that foam alone would offer complete protection. This reasoning lead us to incorporate a flexible plastic shell into the AZZPAD.

The 8 of them are still boarding, still falling and of course, fully protected!



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